Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why are you a Parent?

My thoughts on this video – By Shri Jitendra Goyal

Why to become a parent?

There is purpose of everything in this universe, even non living things exist due for a purpose like Television for entertainment, Sofa for sitting, glass for drinking etc

Did you ever think why you should become a parent?  There is always clear reason why don't we want to become parent for first 2 or 3 years. Human beings never do anything without purpose. Our scripture also says that there are seven type of reasons to do any particular thing but we may only notice the prominent one.

If you ask someone the reason they are a parent, they often become blank since most of us think that it is just a normal flow.... something everyone does. To become parent in our life is like to just follow check list, get married and have kids. It is more of requirement from spouse and in laws rather than own choice.

We plan so much for our house arrangements that how to make sure that we can watch TV from sitting area, kitchen etc; but for the child who is center for our life we don't seem do any planning though we call ourselves a smart generation.

We may say that kids are very cute, we love kids ; but playing with 1000 kids can not give the experience of bringing up of your own child. Everyone likes mangoes. But growing a mango tree, protect it from insects, caring in all seasons, is an experience different from just liking mangoes.

Children are an experience of our own life. There is no right or wrong reason to have child. There can be many reasons like  a Gift from God, to take my generation further, someone to love me etc. How will you bring up a child if you think that he came into your life accidentally and not by your wish? If you have one clear reason and intention to have a child, then the plan will come up by itself. We also develop with child, otherwise why would everyone become parent and learn life ?