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Does the Parenting Truth speak to you? ABC of Parenting interest you? Want to know more?
Here you will find details of how Omnio Future can help you in your parenting journey. Our offering Parent Mirror and Parent Mirror Advanced are the entry level programmes that are available as packages. These make wonderful Gifts too. Every parent knows some parent who might just need it !


Omnio Parenting is a Framework for Parenting. What Omnio Parenting does is to guide you on a journey where you make your own road, construct your own car, and move ahead with your Child! It gives you an opportunity to ponder, think and evaluate at each step. We do not in any way claim to have solutions for all issues and matters in parenting. Why? -  Because every solution lies within you. What we do is to help you awaken and realise.

But how, do you wonder, Omnio Parenting can attempt to do this? What is different and unique about this?

All the programmes of Omnio Future are based upon the ancient wisdom of our Seers/Rishis . Parenting, as our scriptures teach, is a subconscious activity and not an intellectual or emotional one. Like accents and food preferences; parenting is different to different cultures. Solutions and bases thus vary. Ideologies and philosophies of other cultures could be imbibed and entrained for immediate effects, but such effects may not be permanent or formative in nature. Though they may seem absolutely logical, they do not hold ground, leading the parent to dismiss any efforts, resort to natural instincts or get entrapped in a loop of guilt and dejection. Adding to this frustration, is the maze of new generation phobias and jargon like “ADHD”, Hyperactivity, Autism, ADD , OCD and the like.

Our scriptures are truly insightfulAitareya Upanishad eloquently states:

सा भावयित्री भावयितव्या भवति 
तं स्त्री गर्भ बिभर्ति 
सोऽग्र एव कुमारं जन्मनोऽग्रेऽधिभावयति 
 यत्कुमारं जन्मनोऽग्रेऽधिभावयत्यात्मानमेव तद्भावयत्येषं
लोकानां सन्तत्या 
एवं सन्तता हीमे लोकास्तदस्य द्वितीयं जन्म  ३॥

“ She, being the nourisher of the child, should be nourished. The woman nourishes the embryo. Immediately after its birth the father nourishes the child. Nourishing the child from birth onward, they thus nourish themselves for the continuation of these worlds. For thus alone are these worlds perpetuated. This is one's second birth.”

Having a child is a second birth for a parent – a second chance to live life wisely and consciously. The child is the prop that leads the parents through this journey.

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